Vindis – Mark Morris

“We have had a strong relationship with Martec since we started working with them in 2011, on a sales telephone performance programme. Over the last few years, we have improved our sales telephony appointment effectiveness hugely. Initially our conversions were at 22% and at our peak we saw 75% appointment conversions. This came from measurement of our sales teams skills & behaviours, through Martec’s EnquirySuccess™ platform, allowing us to measure, monitor, coach and develop our people further. Martec delivered ‘best advice’ learning modules to further enhance and support everyone. Today, we continually measure these skills. More recently we deployed Martec within our Audi Service centres, to work on a similar programme with our Service Advisors. I am pleased to say we are starting to see improvements in our peoples behaviours, skills and the outcomes these bring. We’d be more than happy to recommend Martec’s services to anyone within the network”.

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