Our Aftersales Training modules cover a wide breadth of learning for all customer facing people.

During the Aftersales customer journey there are a number of communication trust points, where Advisors have an impact on the customer experience. Your people are the centre of the business and ensuring they are trained, coached and supported to handle a variety of elements, should be top priority.

At Martec we have designed a learning formula for all Aftersales people. We have multiple modules of training and coaching which will help improve skills, behaviours and increase their confidence further. Customers deserve a simple, easy and frictionless experience and it is our responsibility to deliver on that. The formula we have developed, will touch on all the trust points, whether the enquiry is online, on the phone or face to face. At the top of that is the Aftersales and Service Managers, we have developed a module that will assist them with this and how to be the best coach of your team, to get the most from them.

Here are the trust points that will help your teams and we will weave these into your process:


Managing Service Performance™ (TECHS)

More detail on our Automotive Management Training page


Improving Service Performance™

1. (GREETS) – being the best at handling all inbound service bookings 

2. (IDEAS) – being the best at making an effective pre call 

3. (GEAR) – providing a professional warm and friendly arrival experience 


Improving Effective Video

4. (CLIP) – giving all technicians the learning on how to be the best on camera


Improving Technical Update Performance

5. (SECURE) – making a simple and effective call ‘on the day’, weaving in video, positive news and handling objections along the way

6. (READY) – your car is ready, linking into point 5

7. (REACH) – car is ready and we are ready for you

8. (REAL) – thank you for your service (24-48 hours) after the work


Improving Amber Performance™

9. (AMBER) – helping the customer with their deferred bookings and making the call at the right time, with the right information


Improving Service Performance™

10. (GREETS) – making an effective outbound call to rebook your customers into your service department

On top of the trust points of learning, we have a number of other training modules that can help with various other skills or requirements in your business.


How good are your teams when dealing with objections, tricky and hesitant moments? We have a module called Improving Customer Confidence that can specifically help with that

How good are your teams at positioning and promoting service plans? We can help with that, with our Improving Service Plan Performance learning

Do you have a contact centre and require specific training? Our proven Improving Contact Centre Performance will help agents/advisors with their skills

How good are your Parts team at handling customer interactions, whether on the phone or face to face? We can help with that, our Improving Parts Performance™ module will deliver the right skills to your people

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