Customer Retention Matters

Most Retailers recognise the importance of retaining customers. The Automotive world is no different and holding onto customers and keeping them in our Brand is ever more important. The cost to acquire new customers dwarfs the cost of retention. Success in a market-place often hinges on returning customers. Often there is contact initiated by the retailer aimed at igniting an existing customer’s interest, a Retention Call. When this call goes well, business flows.

EnquirySuccess™ – Retention is a platform that tracks, measures and analyses telephone calls made by your business to your customer database. It reviews scrutinises and scores these super-important calls made to increase customer retention and repurchase. The platform generates simple and in-depth reports for your team’s call handling, including retention analysis to track how well you handle these key contacts. By listening to and analysing the conversations between your salespeople and existing aftersales customers, the platform can identify how successful your business is at attracting those customers back and how you can adjust to get better results.

The retention call analysis is scored against a “best advice” matrix, allowing you to compare your business internally and to other dealers using the platform.

The platform generates analysis by salesperson or aftersales person and site, showing how many, how well and how successful these calls are, enabling you to see where your salespeople or aftersales team are doing well and where there is room for improvement.


Please take a look at some of the images and information, showing you how you can benefit from utilising the platform, to help drive your teams performance and consistency on these calls.

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