These Personal Development modules are aimed to help managers, leaders and coaches influence their teams, to work together to reach a shared goal, whilst at the same time being individually accountable and empowered to make their own decisions.

With communication flowing freely between managers and team members, leadership ability will come to the fore because everyone is aware of the full picture and understands their impact on the department as a whole.

Our Automotive Development Programmes have several modules to choose from, depending on the area of expertise you wish to work on.


Mentoring™  – We help people reach their real performance capability. We offer guidance through their decision making and actions in any area required for development

Effective Time Management  – The most successful people extract the maximum from each hour. We look at how and implement relevant strategies

Purposeful Presenting & Public Speaking – Ranked as the No.1 phobia, we instil the confidence and skills needed to deliver a well crafted presentation 

Coaching For Improved Results™ – We uncover a proven coaching model and bring together the skills needed to help people reach their potential through challenging sessions

Improving Leadership Performance™ – Described as the management skills that achieve better results from the group, than the individuals we capable of. We examine, investigate and understand the components of Leadership, Management and Coaching, developing manageable strategies 

Character Profiling – Knowing yourself and the people you interact with to a much higher level allows you to be powerfully influential. That includes with yourself. We unpack the delegates communication biases and allow them to recognise their key traits

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