Our EnquirySuccess™ analytical platform follows the sales trust point journey. Giving you a complete insight into how well each touch point is handled and dealt with.

Sales Analytics provides your sales management team with the tools they need to generate simple and in-depth reports on their sales teams’ call handling. This is a vital tool when looking at enquiry to appointment ratios, in a highly competitive market.


We work with lots of different recording or telephony platforms, whether:

  • Accessing your recording provider
  • Accessing via VPN & IP address
  • Receiving calls via a SFTP or API set ups

We listen to your fresh sales calls and keep our ears open for; brilliant conversations, those that need urgent attention, missed opportunities and indifferent customer experiences. We then deliver the intelligence behind these calls directly to your inbox

Our easy-to-use and highly analytical reporting platform, delivers a dashboard view that enables you to see how your team are performing against the key criteria YOU decide on. We recommend some best advice ‘trust points’ of communication



We will score and publish your inbound sales calls and your outbound customer retention conversations

The platform will give you key reporting, sharing, success conversions, skill and techniques used versus ‘best advice’ and how the human customer experience was handled, for example:

The ‘Right’ Words – monitors the use of important words and techniques to achieve the best results. Words are 7% of our communication skill set, so positively charged language is crucial

The ‘Right’ Human Experience – we measure 4 subjective elements, to measure the overall Human Experience, which will make you stand out from the competitors (Attitude, Interested, Movement and Simple). We do this with ‘real’ people listening. Where you will get the complete feeling of how well delivered the experience is

‘Success Rate’ – will show you how many calls your sales team have appointed and had success with, reservations and sales are tracked 

‘Target Cars’ – highlights calls made on specific used vehicles and sends alerts straight to your inbox, so you can act quickly

‘Flagged Calls’ – brilliantly handled calls, where it is evident it has all the ingredients of excellence; and those opportunities, which perhaps are in indifferent, meaning they need quick attention to save the outcome

Bringing these key telephone moments seamlessly together, will ensure you get the right outcomes for you, the customer and the business. In addition, having a motivated, inspired and skilled sales team

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