Our Sales Automotive Coaching and Mentoring modules provide the support and guidance needed to help your team take their skills to the next level.

Our group collaborative workshop burst training sessions allow individuals to learn new techniques and strategies, while our ‘1 to 1’ and small group coaching sessions allow for personalized attention and focus on specific areas of improvement.

Our sales coaching sessions are designed to be ongoing and consistent, providing the time and support necessary for individuals to truly develop and grow. With regular sessions, either weekly, monthly, or quarterly, our clients have experienced increased confidence, improved communication, and enhanced performance in sales and aftersales.


Since 1991, we have been delivering onsite and more recently virtual coaching sessions with a track record of success. Our clients, from car, van, and bike salespeople to service and parts advisors, hosts, managers, and senior leaders, have all benefited from our expert coaching and mentoring. We even offer communication and language coaching for those outside of the Automotive Industry.

Don’t let cracks appear in your business. Invest in your team’s growth and development with our Sales Automotive Coaching and Mentoring sessions.

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