EnquirySuccess™ for Video is a platform that helps you capture, engage, and sell to prospects through video. Research shows that customers love video and it can significantly improve their purchasing journey.

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Our platform provides you with the tools you need to create and analyse effective video presentations for your clients. Our expert critiquers review your videos and score them against best practices, focusing on the content, imagery, language, and delivery. The goal is to increase sales by enticing, inspiring, motivating and informing prospects that your car is the right choice for them.

Our portal becomes a single source of truth for monitoring and improving your team’s skills. It’s easy to share good performances with your team and learn from each other’s successes. Our independent scoring helps you identify areas for improvement and prioritise coaching efforts.


Video Scoring


The dashboard provides reports on business, branch and team performances, giving you a comprehensive view of your team’s success. You can use these reports to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Please take a look at the some of the images and detail, showing you what the platform can do and how you can benefit from utilising it, to help drive performances across your business.

EnquirySuccess™ for Video is a platform that aims to support you in using video to capture, engage, and convert potential customers. Studies indicate that consumers find video content highly appealing and that it can significantly improve their purchasing journey.

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