Automotive Sales Training with Shelbourne

Guiding your customers through the sales process is an important management task.

There are multiple communication trust points the customer will go through and at each and every point you must be the best you can be. Giving your customers a positive, friendly, engaging and enjoyable experience. Being Authentic and Empathic at all times.

Within our Sales Academy modules we offer a blend of learning, we deliver sales training and coaching on:


Telephone Skills – Inbound and Outbound Conversations

Online Skills – Email and Live Chat Conversations

Showroom Skills – Face to Face Conversations

Digital Skills – Online Conversations To Purchase

Video Skills – Sending Professional Videos


Today’s consumer wants to be in control. Balancing your communication skills to match those of your customer is key to unlocking and creating a strong long term relationship. Treating customers fairly is only a small part of the sales process.

The language, tone of voice, and rapport between an advisor and a client are all important factors in determining the outcome of a call, chat, or visit, whether it’s related to purchasing a vehicle, accessories, or added-value products.

These factors can impact the customer’s decision-making process and ultimately affect the success of the sale. It’s important for advisors to use language and tone that is clear, professional, and customer-focused in order to build trust and establish a positive relationship with the client. This can help improve the chances of a successful outcome for the business.  

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