We developed the Martec Virtual Academy™ for our clients to build their own specific Academy within their business culture. We weave in the training and coaching modules needed and use our online learning platform to create the content of materials, manuals and interactive videos for those enrolled in the Martec Academy Programme. The portal is also used for virtual online hosted delivery, providing effective remote training and coaching solution.

Martec Academy™ will define and track a delegates learning journey and participation, ensuring they engage with the training and are developing new skills and behaviors along the way.

In order to make the training efficient, the sessions are limited to small snappy chunks, with a maximum of 6 delegates, they are modularised so the subjects covered are built up in layers which creates new confident behaviours. Naturally the modules end with action plans and commitments from the delegates. After the initial burst learning, we continue the relationship with each delegate, with ongoing ‘1 to 1’ specific coaching to further help hone the skills.

All our burst learning modules from our Sales & Aftersales Tiered solutions are on our Dealership Academy page, these can be delivered virtually if you prefer this style. Virtual learning can help those clients that are challenged with logistics and getting people together for face to face burst events. In addition, we can weave virtual learning into and in between face to face events, to reinforce, remind, refresh and reset skills and behaviours required.

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