Martec’s telephone training provides your sales and aftersales teams with the skills they need to maximise the potential of every lead in your business.

We have a module of learning for every telephone communication point in both the sales and aftersales customer journeys.


Improving Telephone Performance™ (GREAT) – this training provides the skills and techniques for sales teams in handling all fresh inbound sales calls

Improving Retention™ (RENEW) – this training helps your salespeople with making positive and effective outbound calls to your customers, whether a general CRM catch up, an old customer who was dealing with someone else and all renewal or soon to change

Improving Customer Confidence™ – we instil greater confidence for your team, when dealing with hesitant moments with colleagues and customers


Improving Service Telephone Performance™ – this module has been devised to deliver a combination of call types, to further enhance the telephone skills in the Aftersales department. With a clear objective of making:

  • More Service Bookings
  • More Red Work Sold
  • More Amber Work Sold
  • More Service Plans Sold
  • More Parts Sold
  • More Confident People
  • More Competent People
  • An Improved Customer Experience

There is much more detail on these elements and how they can boost your performances, within our Automotive Service Training page.

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