Harwoods Group approached us with this very question, how can you help us get new talent. Fresh and eager people to join our family business.

The Group were looking to employ 6-8 new salespeople across one of their divisions in Sussex. The focus was to find new trainee salespeople, people who were keen to join the Automotive Industry, that maybe hadn’t had previous experience but had plenty of customer service skill experience in other industries.

We set upon the journey over a 2-3 week period. Harwoods marketed the role, on a variety of social platforms, with engaging and purposeful language to enthuse and inspire people to apply.  At Martec we did the rest…

We held telephone conversations with those that applied 

Invited those successful to a selection day and sent all reminders

We facilitated a selection day, with Harwoods Managers observing the potential candidates

At the end of the day Harwoods ended up with their chosen candidates – the results on this page show the powerful outcomes

The full detail behind how this solution works is on our Sales Recruitment page.

Sales Recruitment

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