Vindis Group

“At Vindis Group, our ambition is to provide an industry-leading sales experience across our network of businesses. Forging training and business development partnerships with automotive industry experts such as Martec, has helped us to increase innovation, turnover and profitability.

“Martec is one of our closest partners and our association with them was initiated to assist us with understanding our customers and developing strategies to match and maximise all customer interactions.

“Martec created training, techniques and skills, which has really engaged our employees. This in turn with the valuable insight provided by Martec, with the ability to monitor performance has allowed us to ensure a high level of performance in line with our Vindis Vision. This has seen proven results, as when we first met Martec, we sold 50 cars to every 1000 prospects. Now it is approximately 100 cars per 1000.

“We know that because Martec’s ShowroomScout™ team really engaged with our customers, gathered the most valuable information possible and fed it back into the loop. The opinions of our customers that do and do not buy are summarised, drawn together and published every day for our managers.

“All in all, we can put tangible numbers on the benefit to Vindis of this business partnership. We would be happy to recommend Martec and their services.”

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