Paul Linders, Linders Group

We were introduced to Martec Europe by Tom Murphy at Murphy & Gunn over a year ago.

When we meet it was clear to me that we had met the right training organisation that could help stretch our business in the areas we needed the most focus. Martec came with a proven track record of successes and in December 2012 we began our long term partnership.

During this year Martec have provided us with evidence based tools to measure our return on investment, by using TelephoneSuccess™ we can see and hear the outcomes to our fresh sales enquiries and more than that measure the effect the training is having.

Halfway through the year we embarked on some Service training, mainly focussing on the Customer Experience and improving our skills at selling more red and amber work, ultimately with our aim to sell more hours and parts.

Martec have been working with the team for almost a year now and we have seen significant improvements in all areas of our business, all my employees enjoy the coaching sessions they have and are seeing the benefit of change.

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