We are proud to work with

Jackie Regan

Connolly Group

Richard Morgan, Sue Hossack, Nick Jones

Harwoods Group

” Scored the highest it can be – really enjoyed the course and took a lot on board. Looking forward to adding the new knowledge to my daily job role”

Stevie  McClelland

” Ray Harkin was a great trainer and i feel like he has helped me a lot in the last couple of days to improve my self as a service advisor. It was very informative and i would certainly recommend this to anyone as it was very helpful. Ray is a credit to Martec and i can see him having a huge impact on many people and making them even better at their job roles. Overall the training course has been loaded with great knowledgable information which I will take on board.”

Clark  Pollins

” The training course was brilliant very informative and even though it was done through zoom I really felt apart of the trading and ray kept it very interactive and interesting well done ray it was a pleasure !!”

Laura  Tayloe

Steven Eagell Toyota Group

“I’d worked with Martec’s Business Improvement Solutions before and their methods were the best I’ve seen they have a very dynamic team. When they first came on board they worked with us to develop a coaching programme specifically tailored to our needs and that first programme was so successful it was soon extended to include sales and after sales staff across the group.”

Gary Smith

Steven Eagell Toyota Group

“We started talking to Martec in November 2017 about helping us deliver sales and service skills training for our customer facing employees.

Over a period of a few months we held some internal Windsor workshops, for both departments, to get a deeper understanding of the businesses needs and what our people were saying. Martec developed specific training and coaching modules for our business, blended with their industry experience, knowledge and intelligence they are credible for.

We have been in partnership since April 2018 and delighted Martec are partnering Windosr Group in 2019/20 for many more modules of learning and improvement that we need help with, to drive our business forward.”

Sean McBrien, Head of Operations

Windsor Motor Group

“Really enjoyed it today, was very productive and felt that it was all vital for our daily routine in our job role. Thank you Ray & Terry for giving up your time and offering us useful tips to help aid us in the future.”

Abigail Cullen


“Great training, staff very enthusiastic & helpful. Clearly have a passion for what they’re teaching. I look forward to more in depth training to really help boost confidence.”

Christy Hanna


“Terry and Ray are great guys brilliant and positive training provided.”

Thomas Jegorovas

Shelbourne Motors