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“My first reaction was ‘I want it!’

Martec’s new TelephoneSuccess™ system is brilliant, especially the new ‘super dashboard’, all the different colours makes finding the information you want much easier and the new lead table means sales enquiries are not missed.

Having one place where I can access both sales and service information and see how the business is performing overall is fantastic. In fact, it’s the only place where I can obtain an overview of my dealership easily without having to resort to spreadsheets.

I am confident the new TelephoneSuccess™ system will be a massive help and it will allow my team to see that the opportunity is there and act on it effectively.  It’s such a good investment by Martec.”

Mark Naughton

Inchcape Mercedes Benz

“As for Mentor it is a stand alone client prospecting system designed to Sell Cars and written by industry professionals who have done the job and know what is required. It will also instantly produce a suite of reports that assist management to measure programme and executive effectiveness and will produce activity reports that would ordinarily take hours to formulate.

I personally have worked with system on two previous occasions once at Chapel House Motor Group and secondly at Zayani Investments and to be honest could never have worked without it, the comparison with AS400 is a complete none starter as AS400 is a tool that dealers in the UK mainly through the Rover network used in the early 80’s.

The system tracks everything from the moment that the phone rings, if anything the group could benefit from this system immensely.”

Mark Kenworthy

AMMENA - Aston Martin Middle East

I must admit initially I was sat thinking exactly what you said I would be sat there thinking – ‘why am I sat here when I’ve so many other things to be doing’?

I have been on a couple of similar courses with other providers.

The Martec course was far better, more relevant to what we are trying to achieve with a telephone enquiry and I thought that they had some brilliant lines and hooks to get the enquiry to appoint or commit on our car.

It just made me sit and take stock and reflect how important that incoming call is and question how seriously we take it.

I returned back to MINI full of enthusiasm about the day, Sammy has since been and thought very much the same.

It may have been a day out of the business in a busy month but it was a day well spent. It is a day that everyone attending should do so with the mind-set that they will take learn something new which in turn will help them sell more cars!

Paul Temple

Lloyd Mini Carlisle

Thanks for a good day yesterday.

I really enjoyed it and found it valuable as a novice to the retail/sales industry and I know it will help me develop my skills.

As a previous adult educator I was also impressed by the blended learning approach and the way you managed a boisterous group of “lads”, well done.

I’m interested in how your expertise would translate to other industry sectors, such as Higher and Further Education (in one of my previous roles as Business Development Manager)

I will pass on your details and I will recommend you to some of my current colleagues.

Once again, cheers for a worthwhile day!

Andy Sullivan

Lloyds Honda Motorcycles

Martec is useful, easy to use and the support they give is really good.

The biggest benefit of the Martec telephone system is how we use it to coach our sales people and uncover performance issues by listening to the calls and using it as a tool!

My favourite experience with Martec was when Neil came in and spent time working on our team Performance and Achievement.

Nick Turner

Lookers Land Rover

Ben asked his salespeople what they thought of their recent training… And these are some comments and words he received…

“I received many great phrases from the training such as, ‘engaging’, ‘fun’, ‘positive’, ‘thoughtful’. I even had a ‘reflective’ from one individual! (Quite emotive for a Sales Executive)

I would like to say that having Martec as a partner again for our coaching needs has been a breath of fresh air and everyone who has attended has found it both exciting and informative.

Thanks again all.”

Ben Archer

Arbury Bromsgrove