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This is a testimonial following a 14yr working relationship with Martec so long overdue. Having initially met both Ray and Neil back in 2006 at a recruitment day applying for a sales position at the Agnew Group (Belfast) I was luckily 1 of 20 lucky candidates chosen from 100s on the day. That started a long lasting relationship. From day one I was well aware that both Ray and Neil were exceptional business mentors. The attention to detail that they both expected immediately grabbed your attention. Their infectious behaviour caught everyone’s attention when they entered the room. As we embarked on an initial 6 month mentorship programme everyday was a school day. Questioning your every twist and turn and guiding you on the correct path. This included how to handle potential clients professionally, how to carry yourself around colleagues, there was no stone left unturned. After 5yrs in that business I left to start my own graphic design and printing business. Over the last 9 years I have since built that business to a team of over 40 staff, revenue channels of over £2million and as of Dec 2020 we were acquired in full by a much larger organisation operating in our field. I credit a lot of my success today to some of the teachings in those early days and also the continued support and guidance we have received over the years from Martec. My business today is littered with principles taught to me by Martec.  Whether your sales team need some guidance or if you are a business leader and need someone to question your approach on how you handle certain scenarios, how you communicate with your team, how you communicate with clients, a sounding board to communicate with someone on a similar level who will help drive you and your business forward then speak to Martec.

Martin McAuley

Managing Director Kaizan Print

“Working with Ray has been a breath of fresh air. His approachable manner, allied to his to way of simply demonstrating a point, has ensured the lessons taught have stayed with us much longer. I first worked with Ray at Volkswagen UK, some 6 years ago, and I still use his teachings now, to much effect. Ray opened our eyes to simple ways of increasing the engagement with our key clients, especially difficult when most of the time this is done on the phone, and how to manage those relationships. This is even more relevant in today’s society of remote working and lockdowns, where phone or video chat is the only way to interact. I have to say, a number of my colleagues also said there were positive results experienced from out of work scenarios – the man’s a miracle worker! “

Mike Bennett

Senior Consultant at JATO Dynamics Ltd

“ Good 
professional trainer, very engaging!”
Simon Williams

“ Jennifer presented all the topics in a very easy to comprehensive manner, 5 stars!”
Adam Fender

“ Good fun and really important to run the practice sessions with execs from other dealerships, as it was an opportunity to get an idea how they differ from my execs.”
Simon Maidment

“ The course was really relevant and I found it helpful, a good time to look at new ways of looking at something that I have been using for quite a few years, ie A A A make a structure of a call.”
Steve Cracknell

“ Wasn’t looking forward to it, but was fun, enjoyable and have learnt some new things to use and hopefully progress”
Mike Graham

“ Great guys well done very informative and refreshing content too.”

– Jim Cameron

Jackson's Motor Company

“Gave the highest score as the training was well informed, well executed and very informative.”
Rosh Miah

“It was fantastic and Ray really addressed everything. He was very inspirational and knowledgeable. Great training!”
Masum Shaheed

“I have been on a few training courses and Martec are up there as the best trainers. Very engaging, very knowledgeable, kept great humour and interactive for everyone and this is on zoom if in normal circumstances, I could imagine it would be even more so.”
Jordan Catchpole

“The training was fantastic and Ray was great, I feel that I’ve learnt so much over past 3 days, I think is it’s best training I’ve done in years.”

Ahmad Jawad

Steven Eagell

“A great refresher course”

“I can see the value that this will provide the sales team”

Jay Lawson

Trivett Auto Group

“ Martec training by Ray is the best coaching and development I have ever experienced. 6 years later it is still engaging, fun, interactive and helps us learn. ”

Ricky Rose

“ As always a great session by Ray. Highlighted some areas where we can improve and ultimately set out what is expected of me and my team. Really enjoyed it! ”

Stephen Carter

“ The course it was very good and delivered very well. Learned new things and also a good refresher of the things I knew.”

Robert Sava

“ Really happy for the day of brilliant training. Positive mindset and the outright genius advice of Ray. ”


Steven Eagell Group