We are proud to work with

“You looked at our business and integrated the training to match our culture, always finding a solution for us. Our first year at Newry was a record year, we put that down to the foundation of the training and the people”

Paul Ward

Director, Shelbourne Motors

“In 20 years of training, this is the best training I’ve had” said one of Paula’s salespeople

Paula Kemp

Marketing, HR and IT Director, Birchwood Group

“Using Martec’s services improved our telephone appointments three fold. Our Group moved from 19% to 60-70% conversation rates”

Peter Toop

Group Sales & Marketing Director, Vindis Group

“When I sold cars I went from selling 15 to 25 sales per month, the training made a big difference. As a manager it improved the sales team dramatically using the Martec techniques”

Jerry Euesden

Reflecting over the last 10 years of my career, the Personal Impact Initiative with Martec remains the single most important and influential course I have been involved with.

As a young and inexperienced starter in sales, it was invaluable to be able to understand how to consciously adjust and adapt your approach to different people, situations and tasks. 10 years on I still use the techniques and tips I picked up in my day to day interactions with colleagues, suppliers and dealers, I would highly recommend speaking to Ray and his team.

Chris Timms

Regional Sales Manager at Suzuki GB PLC

Having worked with Ray I have on the ground experience of the real and genuine environment

Ray creates to ensure maximum impact of the learning. Building trust and relationship & leveraging this for the benefit of everyone involved in the process.

Clearly this is not always easy, usually there are individuals not prepared to change their tendencies…….

Most bend to his, and the correct way of thinking and some leave.

I’m in awe of Ray’s character and still find myself learning and being helped (sometimes painfully against my will) on a daily basis …

Jonny Cairns | New Vehicle Performance Manager