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“Just wanted to share some comments with you all regarding our experience with Martec so far.

“From a Customer Contact Centre perspective, my view of Martec is very positive indeed. The training delivered by Terry has been second to none. All of the team are clearly engaged with his training methods and his enthusiasm and this is certainly starting to make a difference with the team in such a short space of time.

“I personally believe that the system used for listening to calls and the way the scoring is handled is of a very high standard. We don’t focus on calls necessarily on a case by case basis, as we look more at trends (which I believe is the best way of making improvements generically across a team or division).

“My experience with Craig is also very commendable. Craig, Terry and Patrick are a delight to speak with and they are all very professional and welcoming to us as customers.

“Please pass on my thanks to all concerned, especially those people listening to all of the calls and taking the time to diligently provide us with insight into a core aspect of our business.

“All the best to Martec for 2019.”

Adrian Tomlinson

Snows Group

Allen Scott is the Group Communications and Marketing Director for Snows Group and gives a brief overview of our partnership so far and the results.



Allen Scott

Snows Group

“I found the training refreshing that we had such energetic, positive trainers who not only talked the talk but also were willing to get involved and demonstrate the effectiveness of the word track on live calls with the guys.

“I think the participation element in the training itself was bang on, just the right amount and although there was some role play, it didn’t feel awkward or difficult at all which can happen often I have found in the past.

“In terms of the call out session itself, the team were really upbeat and positive and there was definitely a great vibe and buzz in the showroom during the calls. Everyone either managed to make at least one appointment on the evening or certainly the following day. There were lots of positive next actions with customers too.

“To sum it up, it was a great day, everyone took something from the course, even if it was just one word such as “proposition” instead of deal or offer. It is a very simple but very effective use of the word I have found since.

“If the rest of their training is anything like that then I can’t wait for the next one!”

IT & Marketing Director

Birchwood Group

“Regarding our training last week, I felt that it was a success. Most training courses I always find go over my head as they simply are not engaging/entertaining and can be very much scripted with too many slideshows.

“However with Martec, I felt that it was actually very motivating, energetic and grabbed our attention with a lot of stuff that we as a team are now using when picking up the phone.

“The fact they actually joined us that evening and got stuck in too was a great kick for us, as most training courses sometimes you can feel like saying “well you are telling us how to do something, show us how it is done” and that they don’t follow through.

“If all of our training courses were done by Martec in the same structure for future, then would we would benefit a lot more from it.”

Sales Executive

Birchwood Group

“Admittedly the “presumption” was that the majority of the course would be based around the telephone call itself, some role plays and a script with which to work from/with.

“However we couldn’t have been more wrong – the content was much more about the background of a customer’s journey, the importance of the role the entire Service team plays in order to make every call easier for both us and customer and also some key words and phrases, that if used correctly, can certainly help avoid customer objections.

“As always, Natalie delivered a great training session and myself and the team here came away with several new thoughts and ideas towards delivering a better/smoother customer experience via the telephone.

“For those who haven’t already attended, I personally couldn’t recommend it enough!”

Lee Potts

Lookers Volkswagen

“The half days training refresher that I attended with Martec trainer Gavin I really enjoyed.

“Gavin made an impression and would go down as one of the best trainers I have had. As a rule of thumb with any training I always have in mind to come out with at least one new method or focus that has been learned that could be applied in day to day. I found after coming out of the training with Gavin there was at least 2-3.

“Would recommend this training to anyone that hasn’t been on it.

“The Martec training was a great training course also giving me new idea on how to handle customer objectives!”

Lloyd Motor Group