We are proud to work with

“The leadership programme is fantastic, we work with everyone in the business, we’re lucky enough to utilise Martec”

Brian Downes

General Manager, MSL Group – Ireland

“Martec were referred to me by a colleague. They brought clarity. Martec were an immediate go to when we needed training and analytics.”


Bob Grant

“Martec are a gold standard in the industry.”

Alan Moore

Managing Director, Spirit Motor Group – Ireland

“It was about finding that little moment that works, the training provided that. Martec taught me there was always a way to do things that gets a result. We quickly engaged with Martec as it worked.”

Danny Palmer

Managing Director, Palmers Motor Group

“Ken was an entertainer, good fun. Martec helped us with recruiting salespeople and training across our business, some of these people are now senior leaders. Congratulations to you all.”

Steven Eagell | CEO

Steven Eagell Group

“Martec helped drive the enquiry management performance forward, the change management processes we introduced with Martec was part of this”

Adrian Wallington