We are proud to work with groups with the following brands:

An eye opener to see the intelligence. It was a great learning experience and process and was fantastic. The sales guys blossomed with the training.

Mark Colbert

Head of Business at Frank Keane BMW

It proved worthwhile, an eye opening experience. You act differently knowing and you change your behaviour for the better

Andrew Maund

Head of Business at Jardine BMW Bury St Edmunds

We had the telephone programme in all the businesses at the time, it was a challenge to start with but after Martec came in over time, it worked. Martec also  provided intelligence on our leads, which is a good tool to use.

Craig Gentleman

- National Sales Manager at Vauxhall UK

Martec led by example, it was fun. When there is fun people engage. We did telephone inbound and outbound training and we saw the benefits and rewards of the training. Martec ooze confidence and just do it with a hands on approach.

Simon Leonard

- Head of Business at Canterbury VW

Our bookings in the contact centre increased over 10 fold, off the scale in terms of improvements. Congratulate you all on your 30 year milestone, absolutely fabulous.

Allen Scott

Marketing and Communications Directors, Snows Group

We used Martec to help us train salespeople in their early days. Martec helped with that process greatly. Martec revitalised our team through effective coaching and critiquing for many years.

Darren Guiver