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Martec came by recommendation and the way Martec pitched and presented the content really impressed me, over the years it has been without a shadow the right decision. One thing that stands out, burst training with follow up onsite, the effectiveness came from the follow up. We saw improvement in performance off the back of the training style. Martec were ‘doing the doing’

Richard Garbutt

Sales Director, Robins & Day

I learnt a lot and it allowed me to gain lots of confidence. The training set me on the road. I will always be grateful for the opportunity with Martec

Muhammed Gharda


“Thank you for the two refresher sessions, our teams got a lot out of it and we are already seeing better appointment conversion!”

“The session that really hit home was #2. It was great to focus on the gaps in rapport that has been identified across the business. The guys on my team really took note in dealing with difficult customers and I have heard them say on more than one phone call that’s exactly why we are here!”

“Personally, I really enjoyed the short clip on persuasive influence – some great insights here! Appreciate your time.”

Jamie McLaren | Sales Manager

Subaru Interactive @ Docklands

“I always enjoyed working with you and your team and watching the tangible benefit derived from the training and guidance that you all delivered was fantastic. You have made a difference to individuals and businesses alike and long may that continue.”

Richard Howard

“For me it was fantastic, very fond memories. It was remarkable the conversion level of appointment was huge. It just works”

Daksh Gupta

CEO, Marshall Motor Holdings plc

“Ken was a force of nature, very infectious with the training. We had a salesperson who was very good in the showroom but probably the poorest on the phone, went home, drilled and practiced all weekend, he came back perfect.”

Chris Wiseman

Managing Director, Wessex Garages