Mentor.Net – EMC

Jordan Duckett, General Sales Manager at Emirates Motor Company, the official Mercedes-Benz distributor in UAE, chose Martec’s enquiry management system Mentor.netTM after considering three other competitor systems.

“It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, customers expect dealership staff to communicate with them and provide the information they require. As the sales process progresses, customers want to be kept in the loop and there are a number of vital touch points which can be easily missed in an extremely busy retail environment that make all the difference to the eventual outcome. Having a system in place which records all enquiries and prompts the sales team to maintain compelling and meaningful contact with prospective customers has a massive impact on our ability to convert leads into sales. Capturing all the information on anyone who makes contact with us also acts as a much-needed safety net and enables the management team to track how we are treating people on an individual basis.

Sales processes and customer habits are the same wherever I have worked, but the Middle East automotive sector is in its infancy. This has allowed me to mirror similar functions at work in the UK at EMC, such as leasing, finance and insurance and CRM systems, which have had large impacts on our business growth.

Whilst I hadn’t used the Mentor programme in the UK, the Martec name was familiar as it is well known as providing the kind of systems and training which nets results, so when it was introduced to us by our Mercedes Benz regional sales manager Glenn Matthews, I had no hesitation in taking it up, but not before I had compared it to other options.

There are many systems out there but the difference with Mentor is that it is written and operated by a business which lives and breathes automotive retail. We immediately recognised this as a system that was simple and easy-to-use, but gave us all the essentials needed to improve our business. The team at Martec more than matched their professional reputation being excellent to deal with as they understand both IT solutions and how a dealership operates.

What really stands out is the Martec team’s recognition that one size does not fit all and their willingness to create a bespoke system which best suited our business combined with a concrete understanding of the individual factors at play in working in the Middle East.”

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