Lloyd Motor Group

I must admit initially I was sat thinking exactly what you said I would be sat there thinking – ‘why am I sat here when I’ve so many other things to be doing’?

I have been on a couple of similar courses with other providers.

The Martec course was far better, more relevant to what we are trying to achieve with a telephone enquiry and I thought that they had some brilliant lines and hooks to get the enquiry to appoint or commit on our car.

It just made me sit and take stock and reflect how important that incoming call is and question how seriously we take it.

I returned back to MINI full of enthusiasm about the day, Sammy has since been and thought very much the same.

It may have been a day out of the business in a busy month but it was a day well spent. It is a day that everyone attending should do so with the mind-set that they will take learn something new which in turn will help them sell more cars!

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