Birchwood Group

“I found the training refreshing that we had such energetic, positive trainers who not only talked the talk but also were willing to get involved and demonstrate the effectiveness of the word track on live calls with the guys.

“I think the participation element in the training itself was bang on, just the right amount and although there was some role play, it didn’t feel awkward or difficult at all which can happen often I have found in the past.

“In terms of the call out session itself, the team were really upbeat and positive and there was definitely a great vibe and buzz in the showroom during the calls. Everyone either managed to make at least one appointment on the evening or certainly the following day. There were lots of positive next actions with customers too.

“To sum it up, it was a great day, everyone took something from the course, even if it was just one word such as “proposition” instead of deal or offer. It is a very simple but very effective use of the word I have found since.

“If the rest of their training is anything like that then I can’t wait for the next one!”

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