Sales Channel Management


Sales Channel Management

Is there a valid automotive sales funnel these days? Enquiries in the top, sales at the bottom…

In today’s omni channel world, is it more accurate to describe the sales pipeline as a series of micro channels, occasionally, even frequently feeding into a bigger one?

Online, telephone, retention, prospecting and showroom could all be described as funnels in their own right. You have a number of enquiries in and a fewer number of sales out.

Martec’s Sales Channel Management programme investigates a business unit’s performance in all channels and creates well defined interventions that lift the results.

When you get a little better in each channel, you get much better overall don’t you? Won’t you.

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The programme engages the following:

  • Establishing micro measurements – reviewing all enquiry types (web leads, phone, online and walk in)


  • Developing micro strategies – look for best practices and advice across all enquiry types and replicate it (get the best people doing the right things)


  • Change Management – how to launch and sustain the change within the team, so all the new learning sticks and becomes a habit.
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Telephone Success™ reports