MENTOR.NET IS OUR ANALYTICAL TOOL WHICH TRACKS THE QUALITY OF YOUR DATA CAPTURE AND CUSTOMER FOLLOW-UP CALLS AND ACTIONS is our lead management system which ensures every telephone call, e-mail enquiry and walk-in is recorded in your database and nurtured to give your team the tools they need to aid conversion.

The system has been designed to combine ease of use with capturing quality information on prospective customers to ensure sales executives maintain the flow of communication, providing meaningful messages when relevant to nurture leads and encourage customers to take the next step.

The key stages of the car-buying process are managed in one place and include communication prompts to ensure the customer is kept in touch. The simple layout also means all customer data is captured for future reference.

Like our other analytical tools, reporting is a core component of the system. Top line reports can be pulled off easily to assess a variety of information such as the number of leads recorded and followed up in a certain period of time. You can also drill down into the detail, analysing the performance of individual sales staff and assessing the quality of the data captured as well as conversion rates. Our reports will also enable you to identify trends, your strengths and your weaknesses so you can intervene to provide training where required or to recover a deal if necessary.

Telephone Success™ reports

Our reports include:

  • Quality of data including missing fields
  • Lead allocation and follow up actions
  • Conversion rates from leads to appointments to sales
  • Sales executive performance
  • Diary system for deal building and appointment booking
  • Alert system if follow ups are missed
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Telephone Success™ reports