What is your plan?

What’s your plan for TelephoneSuccess?

It seems there are new buzz words in the industry everyday, modern retailing, changing what we’ve done and adapting to new markets.

If we are to believe the statistics, it seems likely customers are spending in excess of 11 hours researching our products before they lift the telephone. Wow that’s longer than some product knowledge courses…

How can executives know as much as customers on a particular car???

I see fantastic sales executives, help customers in the showroom everyday, guiding them through options and alternatives to ensure they get the products that suit them best. This builds rapport and repeat business, not to mention referrals.

As Joe Girard said “offer them a fair price and someone they like to buy from.”

The opportunity on the telephone is to influence people who don’t know us and who don’t have rapport or trust with us.

How can you build rapport with a stranger on the end of a phone, who knows more about the product than you do and to make it more challenging, 1 of the top 3 hurdles facing sales executives is that the car is no longer available.

Seems like an impossible task…….

Yet this is the single biggest area to improve sales.

In our experience, although a lot has changed in the industry, a lot has stayed the same.

We’ve found the very best people still do 3 particular things to bring them success:-

  • They engage with the customer
  • They make a Persuasive case to do business
  • They get Commitment from the potential customer and confirm it with text or e-mail

What’s even more fascinating is that the very best will not move on until each step is completed.

Having a plan for success will always get you further.

What’s your plan?

Author: Jonny Cairns

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