WebSuccess™ analytics can identify how many electronic enquiries are coming into your business, as well as the speed and quality of response and the outcomes generated.

With just one in four car dealers responding to an online enquiry within the hour* and 39% not responding at all, managers need to be keeping a close eye on how their teams handle e-mail enquiries, online form submissions and live chats.

Your management team can access top-line data for a snapshot of leads into the business, as well as more analytical reports and individual assessments which can be sent directly to your inbox.

We are able to monitor live chat conversations and e-mails which are sent and responded to, as well as track any online enquiry forms received and eventual outcomes.

We score each live chat conversation or e-mail enquiry against our success matrix so you can compare your business to hundreds of dealers also using our system, as well as review your own key stats. We also provide the average for your brand, region, sector and country.

Telephone Success™ reports

Our reports for email and live chat include:

  • Complaints
  • Good News
  • Recovery or Intervention
  • Target Cars – find and review every live chat conversation and e-mail on a particular car to ‘rescue’ a potential deal
  • Enquiry tracking – check if enquiries are added to your lead management system
Telephone Success™ reports

For those who love detail, Our improved software provides a multitude of ways to drill deeper, including:

  • Team summary
  • Real-time performance summary
  • The ‘Right’ Words – Monitors the use of important content within responses
  • The ‘Right’ Experience – 3 basic subjective scores to measure the overall Customer Experience
  • Enquiry outcomes
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Telephone Success™ reports