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Management of a customer’s journey through your business is a management task.

Treating customers courteously is only half the story when it comes to the face-to-face interactions which take place at your business. The language used, the tone of voice and the rapport, which develops, all have a part to play in determining the outcome of a visit whether it’s purchasing a vehicle, accessories or up selling by your service advisors.

Our training provides your staff with the insights, skills and understanding which puts them in the best place to achieve the required result.

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Our training programs are the following:

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Our programme gives your team the skills and confidence to engage in virtual conversations to guide consumers along a path which is more likely to lead to an appointment booking.

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Our programme covers how to engage customers in a face-to-face situation and explore their requirements, but move quickly to the test drive and then to the purchase phase.

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Our training best prepares salespeople for the objections they expect to encounter from customers. It instills confidence and provides sales people with the motivation, drive and enthusiasm to encourage customers to consider a new purchase. The customer renewal and CRM platform should be robust and succinct.

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Your hosts are likely to be the first people your customers meet when they visit your business. It makes sense to provide hosts with the training to enable them to create a crucial, best first impression. Posture, a smile, eye contact and attitude are all processed almost instantaneously and a judgment is reached in a second or two.

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Our programme focuses on forming a relationship with a prospective customer, whichever type of enquiry, be it telephone, online or face-to-face. The emphasis is very much on the experience the customer receives on a visit to the business.

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Launching in 2017 - GUIDED SALES EXPERIENCE™

Modern retailing and the changes in consumer behaviour are tackled and managed in this game changing training.

Be modern, be responsive, be ahead.

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When we started our sales trainee programme there were a number of large training firms asked to tender one of whom was Martec. We awarded it to them as we felt they wanted it more and our decision has proved to be correct.

The ideas, experience and the energy which Martec have put into the project have taken the pressure off the staff at Agnews and largely allowed us to carry on with our day to day jobs.

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