Management Training


How good are the leadership skills in your business?

Good leaders motivate their team and exceptional results consistently follow.

Achieving results greater than the combined skill of your team is leadership.

Graduates of this training programme know how to communicate effectively, how to monitor, create and implement operating standards, how to motivate, manage and measure their people.

The delegates from the sessions commented:

“Our trainer was one of the best trainers I’ve had in 14 years”

“Absolutely one of the best training sessions I have attended, Ford should take note”

– John Grose Ford

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How good are the leadership skills at your business?

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Sales Channel Management is crucial in driving your leads…
Want to be even more of an expert Manager in driving all your leads effectively?

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Our training incorporates the actions to take should the transaction need to be rescued. It covers how to identify and manage additional sales opportunities such as service plans at the point of sale. We provide your sales team with a successful strategy that has kept track with the changing and more demanding retail environment.

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Our coaching course teaches the finer points of how to impart knowledge and skills to other people to enable such a mentoring culture to flourish, in order to create the best environment in which goals are regularly outperformed.

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This course breaks down the entire sales process and includes the vital skill of listening and taking cues from the customer. The training takes a close look at the negotiation and pinpoints pitfalls and how to avoid them, all geared to achieving the highest margins possible on a vehicle that is priced correctly.

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The course aims to help managers influence the team to work together to reach a shared goal whilst at the same time being individually accountable and empowered to make their own decisions. With communication flowing freely between managers and team members, leadership ability will come to the fore because everyone is aware of the full picture and understands their impact on the department as a whole.

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“We approached Martec in July 2019, after recent work they had done with one of our Brands during the past year. We were looking to analyse and understand how our good sales performers could stretch their sales telephony skills further to become great salespeople. We partnered with Martec and took on their critiquing tool, EnquirySuccess™.

Andy Hicks, Listers Group Ltd

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