Smashed…A Salesman View Of Customers!

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Smashed…A Salesman View Of Customers!

The ShowroomScout™ team recently carried out a 5-month national project for a Premium Vehicle Manufacturer.

The customers that were contacted were lost and deleted prospects, classed as ‘dead’ data by the sales teams.

The team made 100’s and 100’s of professional follow up calls and from this:

  • 42.3% of customers were still in the market
  • 43.9% bought elsewhere
  • 13.7% decided not to change…Yet

The results went further…

  • Of the customers that bought elsewhere, 40% bought the same brand but from somewhere better!
  • 86.3% of customers that began considering buying a vehicle actually purchase one. They go ahead!

The project, from a research and resurrection perspective was a great success. Not quite half…42% of the leads in the dustbin were returned to the prospect pool.

There were two stand out points highlighted by the research:

  1. Why did these customers buy your brand somewhere else? Why didn’t they buy from you?
  2. When customers start looking at cars, the vast majority by one

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