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We’ll take you on a new journey which will see your business go from strength to strength. Whilst we design and develop the programme to suit your business needs as well as implement on your behalf, you remain in control, you employ the people you want, we just help you appoint the best.

Career Selling Cars Programme
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Programme at a glance:

  • We advertise for you – in order to attract the best people, your business needs to be presented in the right way. A well written ad will be more likely to attract the highest calibre applicants.
  • We screen and filter the applicants – we’ll take this first stage off your hands. Our experts know the kind of candidates your business needs and we are extremely adept at spotting those with the most potential just from their CV.
  • We profile the applicants – by overlaying our carefully thought out criteria which we agree beforehand with you, we categorise applicants to make it easier to identify those with the experience and characteristics which best match your requirements.
  • We assess the candidates thoroughly – we can then take a closer look at the strongest applicants and arrange interviews.
  • We interview with you – having helped you make your final selection, we then undertake the interviews alongside you so you can be sure you offer the job to the best possible candidate.
  • We train and coach once you have made the appointment, our input doesn’t end there, we continue to train and coach your new recruit so they reach their potential, we also provide your managers with the training they need to become exceptional mentors to enable all your staff to out-perform
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Telephone Success™ reports
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“I just wanted to drop you a note to say how very pleased I was with the day today.
“The turnout of 64% was better than expected but what totally blew me away was the quality of the candidates
~ Gary Phipps, Vantage Motor Group

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