Sat Nav’s Killed Used Car Knowledge

Sat Nav’s totally killed my inner compass. There was a time I was dropped into an unfamiliar town, I could navigate to practically anywhere. London as an example.

If I walked out of a tube station I knew, using some deep set programming which way I should head to find Canary Wharf or London Bridge.

Sometimes, years back, I would be sent to find somewhere in a new city and I would set off with no postcode, no co-ordinates, no smart phone or TomTom. I’d get close, then ask. Or get close and nose around. Today though, that talent has gone. The skill is lost. I am lost. Sat Nav has made me spatially weak.

Which is like many salespeople and their used car stock I fear. How long ago was it that most salespeople knew their used cars intimately?

“The white one. That was owned by Dr A, he bought that from us, mostly drove it locally and to Scotland on his holidays and traded it in with us for a new version. The car is nearly unique with W specification, X options, Y paint finish and Z leather.”

Of course not all cars on the used car list were part exchanges but the real knowledge and awareness, you get the point.

It might not be Sat Nav that has made our used specialists weaker but perhaps the internet has. When our customers know as much as us about our wears and we are playing catch up, surely we are nearly lost in that environment. Well maybe not totally lost but weaker for sure. Is there a cure? Of course.

Turn off the Sat Nav.. Don’t rely on the internet. Learn where things are again. Learn what your stock offers. Learn what’s unique. Get knowledge “the system” doesn’t have.

That way, when you’re looking for the right direction to go, you can be a pathfinder not a behind-er.

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