Web Success™


The weight of enquiries shifts daily towards the internet.

With increasing numbers of car-buyers and aftersales customers researching online first, many are also opting to communicate electronically in the first instance.

WebSuccess™ measures how your internet enquiry channel works. We monitor response speeds, outcomes and the experience your people deliver to your prospects.

We score each live chat conversation or e-mail enquiry against our success matrix, so you can compare your business to hundreds of dealers also using our system, as well as review your key stats.

We provide the average for your brand, region, sector and country.

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Web Success™ graph
  • Responded within SLA: 18
  • Responded Late: 17
  • Yet to respond: 4

How many online enquiries do you convert to an appointment?

Giving your team the skills they need to best manage online and digital interactions will have a dramatic impact on your business performance.

*Almost 30% of initial enquries are received electronically
Web Success™ graph
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“Martec’s Appointment Desk has made a significant contribution to the overall management of our sales process.

“The tools we have at our disposal through Martec help ensure we can survive and, I dare say, prosper. I am delighted to endorse Martec and their products.”
~ Allen Scott, Director of Customer Marketing.

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