Telephone Success™



TelephoneSuccess™ for Sales Analytic provides sales management teams with the tools they need to generate simple and in-depth reports on their sales teams’ call handling.

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Telephone Success™ reports


TelephoneSuccess™ for Service Analytic highlights where booking calls are successful and where obstacles prevent your workshop from being fully busy.

The customer experience and the manufacture process are maintained to help improvement. 

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Telephone Success™ reports

Success levels, Experience scores and Sales results dialled in!

TelephoneSuccess™ is a vital tool when looking at enquiry conversion ratios in a highly competitive market.

We listen to all your telephone enquiries and keep our ears open for calls that require your urgent attention, missed opportunities, poor customer experience, and also those singing the praises of the business. We then deliver the details behind these calls directly to your inbox.

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“The improvement in the first 12 months was impressive but the real game changer came in July last year when we decided to invest in the TelephoneMinded™ training programme.

“We estimate that TelephonesSuccess™ has created more than 2500 additional showroom appointments across the Group since we started the programme.”
~ Jamie Vindis, Managing Director.

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