Understanding how your aftersales team use technology to maximise the experience of their service customers is critical in today’s trust focused environment. Which is why we have a specific programme developed to ensure customer satisfaction and greater sale figures. Drawing on our 28 years of experience, our six-step algorithm makes sure there is no room for dissatisfaction.

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Telephone Success™ reports

Our analytics follows the servicing journey:

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A positive and complete booking that meets the customers’ expectations, while the salesperson sustains an empathetic and customer-centric process.

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Pre Call

Reminding the customer of the process of the service day and confirm with them any additional work needing attention.

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Video Health

A video is sent to the customer, providing a new level of understanding of the needs of their vehicle.

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Technical Update

Update the customer with the progress in a helpful and informative way and link to the video explaining what’s needed.

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Nearly Ready Update

A reminder of the work that has been done and informing the customer that everything is on track for collection as expected.

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Experience Closure/Thank You

Make a well-executed thank you call to check the customer is happy with the work processed. This will help deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Bringing these critical moments seamlessly together in one and each service customer experience creates AfterSalesSuccess™

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“Halfway through the year we embarked on some Service training, mainly focussing on the Customer Experience and improving our skills at selling more red and amber work, ultimately with our aim to sell more hours and parts.

“Martec has been working with the team for almost a year now and we have seen significant improvements in all areas of our business.”
Paul Linders, Managing Director, Linders Group

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