Why Martec?


Experience and innovation are Martec’s principle differentiators.

Our programmes remain consistently fresh, topical and effective. This is no better evidenced than by the statistic, 40% of our clients have been with us for 5 years or more, in most part, with just 30-day contracts. Martec Europe delivers value!

Martec’s knowledgebase comes from genuine Motor Industry data of more than 2 million customer enquiries.

Having studied teaching and coaching techniques with some of the world’s leaders in creating personal change, Martec Europe focuses this knowledge to deliver projects in an effective and positive style.

We call our approach the FAIR Advantage structure.

Focus – We work to a specific client-defined brief with definitive and achievable objectives.

Accountability – Our programmes are outcome-focused so we set objectives for the delegates and for ourselves as we believe training should be fully accountable.

Integrity – All our training is customer-aligned, we are fully aware of manufacturer expectations as well as the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) ‘treating customers fairly’ or TCF principles so there are no unfair techniques in our training programmes.

Results – We keep going until the results are achieved.


When we develop a new programme we follow a well-proven and consistently successful 5-step formula.

5 Step formula for developing business solutions