Martec’s DNA

Martec people are a different breed. They have a common DNA and a communal ambition; To help good people improve the industry, their results in it and the experiences they provide their customers.

The DNA that is the beating heart of team Martec is clarified by these four pillars:

  • Colleagues before self
  • Customers before colleagues
  • Positive to the core
  • Always improving

We invite you to read a few Martec team stories and review a few pictures which illustrate how we achieve the exceptional results that characterise Martec.

Feel free to consider your DNA and where you might add to Martec.

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Martec's Superhero Team

Martec’s superhero team just keeps on growing! Each month one or more of the team becomes a Superhero from showing true DNA. They can do this by implementing one of our core DNA beliefs. Nearly everyone from the office team has been given the DNA award so far! This just shows how hard-working, success driven and motivated our fantastic team really are.

Here is the up-to-date superhero team…

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Martec Europe is full of DNA

Each year, Martec get together for an annual end-of-year celebration. This year was our best to date, with lots of food, lots of laughs and lots of fun.

We do this annually to recognise success and achievement throughout the year, it was great to be able to celebrate all our amazing triumphs from 2018.

Here is the team of 2018/2019!

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Martec also awards DNA through summer events, to recognise everyone’s hard work throughout the year.

Last year, Martec’s summer event was a Ladies Day at the York Races, it was all about team bonding and enjoying themselves. The ladies had a great time!

Watch this space to see what we have in store for 2020…

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