Martec’s DNA

Martec people are a different breed. They have a common DNA and a communal ambition; To help good people improve the industry, their results in it and the experiences they provide their customers.

The DNA that is the beating heart of team Martec is clarified by these four pillars:

  • Colleagues before self
  • Customers before colleagues
  • Positive to the core
  • Always improving

We invite you to read a few Martec team stories and review a few pictures which illustrate how we achieve the exceptional results that characterise Martec.

Feel free to consider your DNA and where you might add to Martec.

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Sophie's DNA Story

Colleague Keri nominates Sophie for a DNA award for reassuring a colleague.

Sophie reassured a colleague when she was upset and contacted her the next day to make sure that she was ok!

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Keri's DNA Story

Patrick nominates Keri for a DNA award because of her hard work and dedication.

He commented “Keri has been coming in at 7.15am for days to help with downloads before she started her role in Scout” whilst adding “Above and beyond”

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Vandana's DNA Story

Jason, a colleague of Vandana, nominates her as she has been super busy recently!

Jason adds “This hasn’t stopped Vandana from being super-efficient on many occasions when I have needed things done within a day or even a few hours!”

More than being done efficiently, they have been accurate.

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Martec Europe is full of DNA

Each year, Martec get together for an annual celebration.

Recognising success and achievement from the year…Here is the team of 2016!

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