Why Martec Changed Their TelephoneSuccess™ System?

TelephoneSuccess™ is the analytics programme developed by automotive business solutions and training company Martec Europe, which ‘listens’ to a dealership’s customer communications and analyses content.

Neil Pursell, managing director, comments: “Whilst the vast majority of consumers first come into contact with a dealership online, the first interaction remains overwhelmingly by phone although email and live chat are now used more widely and video is also gaining ground.

“The original system was designed for many fewer interactions and started as purely a sales tool. It has since evolved to include aftersales but with the volume increasing massively along with new ways consumers are communicating, we needed to upgrade the system to meet the demands of modern retailing and customer communications.

“Our approach goes way beyond the quantitative analysis and interrogates the content of the communication. It is far from being a fully automated approach, we use a team of people to analyse the experience. The human perspective is imperative in providing a true analysis.

“One of today’s biggest differentiators is the value of the experience itself. The quality of the interaction is often the dealer’s competitive edge.”


The Tomorrow Lab – developers of Martec Europe’s newly launched system

The design and technology behind Martec Europe’s new TelephoneSuccess™ system, The TomorrowLab has developed to deliver in-depth analytics more associated with a data centre.

The Belfast-based technology and web design company took an objective and holistic view of Martec’s business model and dealer requirements to design a system which met current demands and is agile enough to respond to future industry developments.

Commented The Tomorrow Lab managing director Adrian Allen: “Over the years the call listening product had evolved into an analytics and data processing service and Martec needed sophisticated software to deliver that more effectively and efficiently as well as taking account of wider communication methods such as email, live chat and video.

“When we designed the system we not only looked at today’s requirements but asked ourselves what the future could bring and incorporated that into the software such as voice recognition.”

As well as developing the software itself, The TomorrowLab had to combine it with a user-friendly dashboard where dealers could access the information and reports they need.

Following the pilot scheme, it became apparent that a completely customisable dashboard was popular. Consequently, the new system has been designed in a modular or widget fashion enabling features to be selected to effectively develop a bespoke system. The TomorrowLab team drew on experience from other sectors including food and drink, and the hotel industry and were inspired by Spotify’s ‘playlist’ feature.

Added Adrian: “When we carried out our user testing, we identified that although the industry itself required access to similar sets of information, exactly how each user group wanted to view and manipulate this information was very different. We decided that the best way of technically managing this requirement was to develop a dashboard that was completely driven by each customer’s needs. Rather than showing predetermined data sets, each user now has the ability to develop their own dashboard layout, decide which metrics are visible and how prominent they are and effectively ‘drag and drop’ the features most relevant to them at a particular point in time.”

Commented Neil Pursell, managing director of Martec: “It was vital for us to partner a company which was both technically advanced but creative in both design and the way the technology was applied. For us, The Tomorrow Lab encapsulated the ability to make critical information visible straightaway with a well-designed and dynamic interface whilst incorporating the software needed to process high volumes of complex information from several different sources.”


The dealers view of Martec’s newly TelephoneSuccess™

Martec’s pilot group of dealers has hailed its newly redesigned TelephoneSuccess™ analytics tool a resounding.

After nine months in development, TelephoneSuccess™ was trialled by a select group of 10 dealerships in April.

With Martec’s system set to manage around 3.5 million enquiries this year on behalf of its dealer clients, TelephoneSuccess™ needed to be redesigned to meet the demands of today’s dealer and have the ability to analyse customer communications from multiple channels and now incorporates email, live chat and video as well as telephone calls.

Mark Naughton, head of business, at Mercedes-Benz in Warwickshire, said: “My first reaction was ‘I want it!’. Martec’s new TelephoneSuccess™ system is brilliant, especially the new ‘super dashboard’, all the different colours make finding the information you want much easier and the new lead table means sales enquiries are not missed.

“Having one place where I can access both sales and service information and see how the business is performing overall is fantastic. In fact, it’s the only place where I can obtain an overview of my dealership easily without having to resort to spreadsheets.

“I am confident the new TelephoneSuccess™ system will be a massive help and it will allow my team to see that the opportunity is there and act on it effectively.  It’s such a good investment by Martec.”

James Tayler, head of business at Land Rover and Jaguar, commented: “The new TelephoneSuccess™ system is very clever, especially the ‘send me a report’ function and the ability to personalise the system with different widgets makes it a very proactive website which encourages us to maximise its use.

“The bones are the same as before but you can now see everything in an improved visual manner which is clearer and draws attention to elements that I didn’t know about before. The layout is fantastic and I feel we can now gain a competitive edge for the business.”

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