Driving Telephone Performance™


Driving Telephone Performance™


It has never been so vitally important that your sales team master the telephone techniques which encourage callers to make an appointment.

There has been a fundamental shift in the way people buy cars. Most research is undertaken online and car buyers are reluctant to make contact until they are towards the end of the buying process. This means when consumers make their first contact with your business, your team needs to be best placed to convert callers into visitors and subsequently customers.

Today’s consumer wants to be in control. Handling calls so customers do not feel they are being ‘sold to’ whilst at the same time maximising the likelihood of an appointment is a delicate balancing act requiring subtle and refined telephone techniques. Turn prospective customers off and they will simply move on.

There are no second chances. Your sales executives have to get it right, first time.

Our training programme has been redefined to meet the demands of today’s retail environment.

Telephone Success™ reports

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Higher conversion rate from calls to appointments
  • Ultimately more sales from telephone enquiries
  • Faster results from more professionally handled enquiries
  • Improved customer outcomes
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Telephone Success™ reports

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Telephone Success™ reports