Driving Showroom Performance™


Driving Showroom Performance™

Car buyers are undertaking the majority of their research online in the comfort of their home and are visiting fewer retailers as part of their buying process. It means that whilst in theory, you have a higher chance to convert those who do visit your forecourt or showroom, if they walk away without making a purchase, they are unlikely to come back and will probably take their custom elsewhere.

It is imperative your sales team makes the most of every person who does visit your showroom. It requires finely tuned skills which enables the sales executive to allow the customer to take control whilst gently guiding them along the route to purchase.

These so-called ‘soft’ skills are a fundamental shift from sales methods of old when the emphasis was very much on the sales executive ‘closing the deal’ or ‘second facing’ if objections should arise. Sales teams which have adopted new ways of ‘selling’ to the modern consumer are far more likely to be successful.

Our training programme covers how to engage customers in a face-to-face situation and explore their requirements, but move quickly to the test drive and then to the purchase phase. Sales executives need to remember customers have practically pre-qualified themselves and have come to a firm decision about the vehicle they wish to purchase and the sales process needs to adapt to this new way of buying.

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Outcomes include:

  • High value sales techniques
  • Understand the contemporary car-buyer and adapt to a new sales process
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Increased customer advocates and net promoters
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Telephone Success™ reports