Driving Service Plan Performance™


Driving Service Plan Performance™

The humble service plan has proved its worth when it comes to retaining customers and safeguarding service revenue. A relatively straightforward product that can often deliver the highest returns making training your staff to maximise their potential a wise investment.

Service plans appeal to the budget-conscious consumer no matter the vehicle driven whilst additional benefits include an inflation-proof product and flexibility with a choice of time periods.

With so many benefits, service plans should sell themselves, but whilst the market is maturing, quite simply, they don’t. Like any other products, their success rests on the people responsible for selling them.

Sometimes sales executives have the task of selling service plans at the point of sale or aftersales staff are expected to don the sales hat and tempt service customers. Either way, service plans are often overlooked despite being the product most likely to guarantee the return of your customer to your business.

By providing both sales and aftersales staff with the skills to understand, promote and sell service plans, your business’ rate of customer retention will increase.

Service plans help you to future-proof your business and create customers for the long term.

Both sales and aftersales personnel need to understand their value and engage with customers to demonstrate their worth.

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