Driving Service Performance™


Driving Service Performance™

By providing service advisors with the insights, understanding and training to prepare them to better perform in their role, you are giving them the greatest chance they have to launch your business ahead of the rest– after all, it’s your service advisors who keep your customers informed.

Our training explores the importance of language and how the choice of words, as well as tone of voice and confidence in the service, can affect the outcome of a conversation. Service advisors are usually shocked at how a simple positive approach can have a dynamic impact on the uptake from customers.

We cover all aspects of communication in the aftersales department, including the customer experience when they first arrive in the dealership, excelling at the collection and delivery aspect of the business and exploring the ways to convince hesitant customers, as well as the power of the simple ‘thank you’.

Our training will enable your service advisors to increase service bookings, recognise and take advantage of more upsell opportunities and create a better customer experience. We believe this will vastly improve customer satisfaction survey results and crucial customer retention rates.

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Outcomes of our training will:

  • Improve your customers’ experiences
  • Ensure service advisors are more alert to sales opportunities
  • Increase your bookings
  • Improve show up rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase repair order value
  • Boost customer loyalty and retention
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Telephone Success™ reports