Driving Retention™


Driving Retention™

Retaining your customers is even more important than attracting new ones. You have your customers’ information at your fingertips from their purchase and service history to knowing the time any finance agreement comes to end, placing your business ahead of the game even if your customers research their next purchase online.

Knowledge is power but harnessing it to net the best result requires exceptional communication ability. Providing your team with the skills they need to best manage sales retention calls will have a positive impact on your sales targets and dealer profitability.

Picking up the phone and making contact is challenging for many. There are multiple psychological reasons why we don’t want to do it and we find ways to avoid making these calls. This programme helps your team overcome the negative connotations of so-called ‘cold calling’, turning it into a positive experience for both the customer and the sales executive.

Our training best prepares sales executives for the objections they expect to encounter from customers and shows them their fears are, more often than not, unfounded. It instills confidence and provides sales executives with the motivation, drive and enthusiasm to encourage customers to consider a new purchase.

Telephone Success™ reports

Outcomes include:

  • More motivation and more confidence
  • More calls made with greater impact
  • Incremental sales and positive next actions

Our training can take place in your showroom or in your contact centre over a full day!

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Telephone Success™ reports
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“ The course was really relevant and I found it helpful, a good time to look at new ways of looking at something that I have been using for quite a few years, ie A A A make a structure of a call.”

– Steve Cracknell | Jacksons

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