Driving Remote Sales™

Driving Remote Sales™ Programme - Adding Value & Closing More

There is no need to discuss or emphasise the importance of the On-Line Sales Channel in the second half of 2020? 

As part of Martec’s 2019 analytics programmes, we collected performance metrics for all sales channels, illustrating good and not so good retailer outcomes. Moreover, we know what steers a business to either extreme of this league.

In one particular group, covering more than multiple locations, several OEM Brand families, over 60,000 customer enquiries and more than 16,000 sales, we found, for the first time, the Telephone Sales Channel slipped to third place as a 1st contact route.

Of course, this data comes from Enquiry Management Systems and so could contain some slippage or miscoding, however, putting that aside, the stark reality of the power of Google, of Autotrader, of the internet, is obvious. 

People increasingly begin their purchase journey remotely, even before the lockdown.

How will these numbers look in 2020? And then onwards to ’21? There could easily be a sea change, where just a smattering of people that first engage retailers, by walking across the threshold un-appointed.

Telephone Success™ reports

Sales Channel Performance

Look further in this data and another stark picture emerges. Not all retailers are equal. Overall retailers are ½ as effective at turning Electronic leads into sales, compared to telephone. And nearly ¼ as good than with showroom visitors. This level of success is not unsustainable. Plus, the sales executive and retailer span of performance with Electronic Enquiries, ranges from 5% to 22%. There are very definite things the good guys do that the others do not. There are some process issues, some mindset restrictions and of course several skill deficits. Martec developed and delivered a package of Intervention Training that helps Automotive retailers move for the bottom of the performance league to the top. Of 10,000 enquiries reviewed… success conversions


Telephone Success™ reports

Driving Remote Sales™ Programme has 6 modules (Face 2 Face or Virtual):

1. Managers ‘GEARS™’ (Digital or Sales Manager) Workshops. This unit reveals Martec’s bespoke ‘GEARS’ concept. In summary it shifts remote enquiries from being surrendered by managers to salespeople, into a ‘custody’ world where they become more accountable and productive. This is a 1-day face 2 face workshop, split into morning and afternoon sessions, how to drive the remote enquiries and ‘how to coach’ (examining the lead management process form end to end.)

    • G – Grasp The Opportunity
    • E – Examine
    • A – Allocate the Lead
    • R – Research
    • S – Set the Tactics

2. Digital Sales Team ‘E-MAIL™’ Workshop – Part 1 & 2 (Driving Online Performance™)
. This unit unpacks the secrets to success with remote enquiries that arrive in your business by email/portals or chat. The delegates take the principles of influence and translate these from templated words to personalised written experiences. This is a 1-day face 2 face workshop and will support sales executives or your digital teams, to discover their potential with written sales experiences.

    • E – Engage
    • M – Making Influential Cases
    • A – Adding Information And Value
    • I – Instigating The Next Action
    • L – Limiting The Outcomes

3. Digital Sales Team ‘SPRINT™’ Workshop – Part 3
. Customers continue to need retailers to help them make the right and best decisions about their motoring needs. Some of these interactions have moved into the remote world and ensuring sales executives have a plan is essential. This is a 1-day face 2 face workshop, that builds on their current sales process knowledge and brings it up to date.

    • S – Sign-On
    • P – Pick Up Rapport
    • R – Reveal The Specifics
    • I – Introduce A Purchase
    • N – Negotiate Wins
    • T – Tie Down The Agreement

4. Sales ‘ACTION™’ Workshop (Onsite Videos)
. We are all making and using Sales Video these days, some with more success than others. This unit reveals the steps required to make effective and influential videos that move customers along their enquiry journey. This is a 1-day face 2 face workshop that demystifies the Sales Video sales process.

    • A – Attitude
    • C – Context
    • T – Temptation
    • I – Information
    • O – Ownership
    • N – Next Action

5. Sales or Digital Managers Monthly Focused Coaching

6. Sales or Digital Team Monthly ‘1 to 1’ Focused Coaching

Telephone Success™ reports