Driving Parts Telephone Performance™


Driving Parts Telephone Performance™

Your parts team are critical to the success of your business. Their logistical prowess, organisational skills and negotiating ability ensures the workshop has everything it needs to enable your technicians to complete the day’s work and keep your customers happy.

Your parts team are in daily telephone communication with suppliers, trade clients and even some retail customers so by giving them the skills to ensure the desired result from their conversations, it will help your department to grow.

Our training programme has been tailored specifically to parts department operations and the people who keep the division running. We understand that often your parts team is made up of people who may not be so comfortable with interacting with customers so giving them the confidence to manage all manner of calls, as well as those they need to make themselves, will have a huge impact on their individual performance and the business as a whole.

We explore the fundamentals of customer satisfaction and the components of successful communication set against the context of conducting effective outbound calls as well as handling those which come into the department.

Telephone Success™ reports

Our results driven training programme means outcomes you can expect include:

  • Improved communication between departments for more efficient aftersales processes
  • Trade business growth
  • More efficient and well-negotiated partnerships with parts suppliers
  • Successful communication outcomes
  • A better connected and more motivated parts team
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Telephone Success™ reports