Driving Online Performance™


Driving Online Performance™

Our Driving Online Performance™ training is aimed at sales, service, parts, customer service and marketing employees who are likely to communicate electronically to potential customers.

Car buyers and increasingly after sales customers are undertaking their research online before making a purchase decision. It means when they contact your business they are much further along the buying process and many of them are choosing to communicate using virtual tools including e-mail, live chat and social media.

If your sales, service, parts and, indeed, your marketing teams are not handling these interactions effectively, you will be losing vital leads coming into your business.

Our Driving Online Performance™ training programme gives your teams the skills and confidence to engage in virtual conversations to guide consumers along a path which is more likely to lead to an appointment booking.

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The training outlines:

  • How to engage in meaningful and persuasive virtual conversations
  • How to persuade consumers to make an appointment via e-mail, social media and live chat
  • The importance of responding quickly and appropriately
  • The language to use when communicating digitally including good grammar, accurate spelling and tone of voice
  • How to balance persuasion and pressure to secure appointments, but reduce the likelihood of no-shows
  • How to gauge reactions during online conversations and to understand the role of the ‘avatar’, that is consumers presenting a different personality, set of circumstances or masking their level of interest
Telephone Success™ reports

Outcomes include:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Clear and understood enquiry strategies
  • Increased switch over from text to speech
  • More appointment bookings and more sales
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Telephone Success™ reports