Driving Margin Performance™


Driving Margin Performance™

The critical measure of profitability is the margins achieved. The bigger the margin, the bigger the profits. However, sales executives often feel that to complete the deal, the vehicle needs to be discounted or the part-exchange value has to be increased. Understanding that as long as vehicles are priced accurately, customers are more interested in the level of customer service than haggling over the price, is a crucial element of increasing margins.

This course breaks down the entire sales process and includes the vital skill of listening and taking cues from the customer. The training also takes a close look at the negotiation and pinpoints pitfalls and how to avoid them, all geared to achieving the highest margins possible on a vehicle that is priced correctly.

As well as increasing margins, our training is designed to ensure more sales are not lost as a result of poor negotiation skills.

With fewer people visiting showrooms as part of the buying process, it is imperative that dealers up their conversion rates. Providing the sales team with the skills and confidence to undertake the sales process in a way which is more likely to net the best result will boost sales and margins.

Our course demonstrates how brilliant customer experience can also be profitable.

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Delegates from this training learn how to:

  • Build foundations for win/win outcomes
  • Create powerful rapport
  • Recognise buyers’ language
  • Close on a high
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