Driving Effective Video™


Driving Effective Video™

The effects of a 45 second video outlining work required on a customer’s car is a powerful tool to persuade the motorist that work should be undertaken. It also underlines the business’ transparency and honesty. Video can have a dramatic impact on both customer perception and dealership revenue.

Simply thrusting a video in the hands of a technician, however, will not net you the right results.

Providing your technicians with training to shoot engaging videos will have a dramatic impact on the department’s performance and will increase the uptake from customers who can easily see and understand the work required on their vehicle.

Your technicians will gain basic production and presentation skills in order that your business benefits from an increase in amber and red work highlighted on the eVHC. Technicians also need to understand the context in order to pitch their presentation correctly and our training shows how to identify and highlight the work required to maximise take-up as well as exploring how the use of words will help determine the outcome. Our training includes practice and rehearsal which will be a vital ongoing element when putting together their customer videos.

We’ve designed a short, sharp session aimed at enhancing and expanding language, improving presentation skills and to choose the words for the most effect. Our training is designed to be engaging whilst giving technicians the confidence to shoot short, persuasive and powerful videos.

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Outcomes include:

  • Improve technicians’ positive language
  • Enhance the communication delivery on the videos
  • Develop a more effective and succinct process
  • Increase eVHC uptake
  • Create professional and informative videos aimed at individual customers
  • Unlock the presentation talent in the workshop to increase upsell
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Telephone Success™ reports