Driving Coaching Results™


Driving Coaching Results™

We believe the best sales/service teams incorporate a mentoring structure whereby more senior members of staff coach junior employees.

Our coaching course teaches the finer points of how to impart knowledge and skills to other people to enable such a mentoring culture to flourish in order to create the best environment in which goals are regularly outperformed.

Your top employees are not necessarily the best leaders or the people who are capable of teaching others, but with training, all team members can learn the best ways to communicate and teach skills to others.

As well as being able to pass on their knowledge, experience and skills in a meaningful way in order that others can benefit, mentors also need to improve their time management skills in order to accommodate their coaching responsibilities. It is also a vital skill which they need to pass onto other team members.

Telephone Success™ reports

Delegates who undertake our training will become:

  • Better Motivators and Influencers
  • Better Coaches
  • Better Leaders and team players
Telephone Success™ reports

Your business will benefit from:

  • Sharing best practice
  • Creating a people-centric culture
  • Providing team members with a support structure
  • A team which works together for a shared goal
  • Improved customer service and therefore recommendation and retention
  • More sales and increased profitability
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Telephone Success™ reports