Appointing First Time

Proof beyond doubt

If there ever was a question over tactics salespeople should adopt when answering a sales telephone call particularly in the motor industry, Martec’s latest figures settle the argument!

With a whopping 95,000 calls from prospective customers analysed and tracked from end to end, there is a clear lead tactic salespeople would be crazy to ignore.

When a salesperson takes a call and determines to call the customer back with information in a minute, in an hour or in a week, they are 13% likely to turn that prospect into a customer.
That is 1 in every 8.

If the salesperson takes the call, determines to ring the customer back with specific figures on their car, on the prospects car, on the weekly or monthly outright payments, they are 18% likely to turn the prospect into a buyer.
That is 1 in every 5.5.

However, if they determine to make an appointment with the customer at the retailer, at the prospects house, in a car park half way between locations, they are 27% likely to turn prospects into customers.
That is 1 in 4.

If this were looking for the quickest route to a specific destination, plan 3 is miles ahead, miles ahead in terms of outcomes…and in customer experience.

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