Your ears have the answer!

The problem is in your ears!

Are salespeople struggling with the current market conditions?

All of a sudden there “aren’t any customers about” “It’s all gone quiet!”

Martec monitors 100,000’s of enquiries every week and there has for sure, been a cooling of the market. But not a collapse!

People are not designed to recognise speed. Human anatomy has no mechanism for recognising how fast we are moving. However, we are supremely well engineered, to detect acceleration and deceleration. Even slight changes in speed is registered. This super sensitive change detection happens in your ears. We have all likely experienced this when driving. Speed creeps up unperceptively but braking gets our attention pretty quickly.

Could it be that sensitivity to change that is preventing salespeople from recognising the market is still fairly warm

For example; when you get out of a hot bath or shower and into a warm one, it will feel cold for a while, will it not?

Our advice for salespeople at the moment is to recognise the actual temperature of the market, the real and current level of enquiries. There are people buying cars all over the place and as always when you recognise that and apply well practiced skills, results will come.

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