Would You Support Team A?

Team A

What would you think of “Team A”…They are successful 1.7 times in every 10?

If they were a football team they would win twice in 15 games? As a player, they would score 3 out of 20 shots on goal?

What would you do with Team A? Would you support them?

Martec first met “Team A” in August 2016, none of the team had prior training. Their experience was relevant but not with sales enquiries. They knew outbound calls and live chat but had not really got to grips with the rigours of fresh sales customers. It is fair to say there were a few nervous people in the team.

The prospect of taking inbound sales calls from customers, who in most cases, were more informed than they were was fear inducing. The team had little confidence.

Martec’s training set best practice and then coached and practiced the Martec plan. Their Martec coach took real sales calls in front of them, to show them how the plan works.

A quick fast forward and a year on, with the hard work and commitment from the team and support from their managers, the team more than doubled their success rate…

They went from converting 17% of fresh inbound enquiries to 51%! “Team A” now scores 10 goals out of 20 penalties and wins 7 or 8…of those 15 games!

Would you support “Team A” with those numbers? Who are “Team A”?

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